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Transportation (5311- Rural & Small Transit)

Rural public transportation systems serve communities outside of urban areas. The need for rural public transportation has historically been linked with providing mobility and accessibility to essential employment, goods, and services for older adults, persons with disabilities, low-income persons, and others. We provide a service to those in the community that require reliable transportation for work, school, and shopping. Monthly bus passes are available.


Covid 19 Update: The CTAA has issued new guidelines from the CDC and EPA in an effort to protect passenger and drivers. The new guidelines are as follows:


•We will not transport Covid19 positive patients. 


•We are in the process of putting up a barrier between the driver and the passengers in each bus to lower the driver’s contact with others. 


•We will now disinfect our buses with a disinfectant fog each day thanks to Jeff Franklin at the School Board Office for sharing the schools’ supply of disinfectant. 


•All drivers will wear N95 masks and surgical masks will be offered to each passenger. Wheelchair passengers are required to wear the offered surgical mask. 


•We will no longer be collecting fare, instead each passenger will drop their fare in a fare box. No change will be given if you board the bus with incorrect fare. 

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